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Guy sees someone peeking out from the manhole cover and knows that he has to help

If you observe better, you will be able to help those in need. Especially, poor animals. They may need our help in hard situations.

This is a story about that kind of helpless animal found on the street.


One day Leroy Alva was on his way to work in Santiago, Chile and he saw something on the street. There was peeking up through a hole in a manhole cover. Then Alva saw something appear there like a tiny face. Then Alva just decided to stop and take a look.

Moving close, he discovered that the manhole had become completely full of water and there was an animal trapped underneath.


It was a poor rat drowning! Alva decided to do something to save it. He asked for help from some men who were working nearby, to help him with opening the lid. And because of that, a little life was spared.

Although, rats are particularly those who dwell in sewers are not often considered the most charismatic creatures. Alva knows that they are too worth saving. Alva loves animals. That’s why he acts like it to save them.


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