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A dog has been waiting at the shelter for more than 400 days

Jay was taken by the RSPCA in January 2021 after his family gave up on caring for him. The shelter staff quickly fell their head over heels for him. He has a silly personality and he has everyone laughing all the time. Unfortunately, it was hard to find Jay a new forever home. It was mostly because of his look.


Jay has allergies, and it is a common thing for his breed. The owners have left him almost completely bald. He does not look like the other fluffy dogs, which needed a home. He has true love to give someone and the shelter staff hoped that someone will fall in love with his adorable face.

Jay is a little dog and certainly, he makes up for that in personality. The staff thought that there will be someone out there who can look past his lack of hair and see what he has to give.


The little 9 years old pup now has been waiting for a home for over 400 days, and no one came to see him either. Even his shelter friends still believe that his new forever family is out there.


Due to his health issues, and other factors, jay does have some requests for his future home. He needs a family who can continue him on a special diet and his medications. He would prefer an adult-only home with no other pets, so he will get the center of attention all the time. If there is a fenced yard he would love that too and the hard floors, as opposed to carpeted floors as dust mites, are allergic to him.


The staff says that the cost of ongoing care may be putting people off. But they are not giving up on Jay. It takes a lot of work to look as good as he does. He deserved to be treated very well.

The perfect home for little Jay still exists, and hopefully it will find him sooner.


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