Friendship has no bounds: A Friendship Separated by a wall

It is a known fact that for true friendship, there are no barriers, and the story we are about to bring to you today, proves it yet again.

Giuseppe was one dog who couldn’t jump around the fence to have a good old chat and gossip with the neighbors. This is when his owners came to his rescue.

2 happy Great Danes’ were Bambino and Vito, who were Giuseppe’s furry neighbors. The three dogs first met on a walk, and since then, they’ve become really close and spent quite a lot of time together. However much close they were, there was one obstacle, the fence separating the houses. As we know, Great Danes’ have an impressive size, hence, Vito and Bambino were able to reach over the fence to say hello to their friend. The more petite Labrador, had a bit more difficulty in reaching the fence to greet his friends. Seeing this, the owners of the Labrador Retriever say “We saw how poor Giuseppe jumped many times, trying to reach his big friends to say hello.”

Noticing and understanding the strong friendship among the dogs, Giuseppe’s owners decided to help him. They found an abandoned highchair in their closet and put it by the fence. The happy Labrador valued their find, and hopped on it and greeted his friends on the other side.

Giuseppe can now happily greet and connect with his neighbors with no problems. This story of Giuseppe, Vito and Bambino only proves that when there is true friendship, there are no barriers.