Friends hear meowing at the beach and find a kitten tied up to a palm tree

Kimberlee Rose was at the beach with a friend when she suddenly heard tiny meows. As she realized it was coming from a nearby palm tree she immediately ran over to investigate what was going on. She was absolutely shocked in her eyes when she saw a kitten stuck up in the tree.

The kitten was very desperate for someone to notice her. She was meowing in distress and was looking for the girls. She seemed like she wanted to approach them but was not able to. Kimberlee thought that it is because the kitten is timid, but she realized that it is because the kitten was tied up to the tree and couldn’t move.


The kitten was tied to the palm tree with a shorter leash so tightly, that she could barely move around at all. She was grateful to see someone and the two friends immediately freed her from the tree. At first, the kitten was a little nervous, but she relaxed quickly, once she felt safe around them. Kimberlee put her inside her jacket, as it was cold there. She seemed comfy in it and fell into sleep. They had to ride a long way to Santa Monica, and the kitten slept in her jacket the whole way.

It was too late to take her to the vet that night. So they stopped at 7-Eleven to get her wet food and materials for a makeshift litter box. Kimberlee named her Venice and when she took the kitten home she knew that it was going to be her home.


now she settled into her new home and lived her cat life gratefully. She is s grateful to her new mom for saving her and is so glad that the right people helped her when she was in need.

Kimberlee Rose is also happy about her new cat that came to make her life fulfilled. She was the missing piece to her life journey!