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Dolphin Jumping out of the Water to kiss Dog is the Most Magical Moment

Do you think that you’ve already seen the cutest, sweetest video ever? I don’t think so! The footage we’re about to show you will melt your heart…

One sunny day, two dogs were having a boat ride with their fur parents, enjoying the sun, when an unusual encounter took place. One of the dogs and a clever marine creature would soon come and say hello and have a very touching moment. A curious dolphin spots the furry four legged creatures and gets closer, and even the two dogs couldn’t hide their enthusiasm after seeing this huge marine creature right in front of them.

One World One Ocean

What do you think is the best way to make a new friend? How about a kiss? Yes, you read it correctly. The bashful dolphin, out of excitement, jumps out of the water and kisses one of the dogs, and gets itself back in the water. The modest dolphin returns and performs an incredible act, leaving the dogs, and their parents gaping.

One World One Ocean

However, this scene was captured on camera as well, and the footage is also part of the award- winning IMAX classic named “Dolphins”. This movie, by founders of the One World, One Ocean Campaign, MacGillivray Freeman Films, shows the life of the life of dolphins in their natural habitat in the most amazing way. You can watch /this heart-melting encounter between the dogs and dolphin here:


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