Dog who was rescued from a shelter sleeps like she never slept before

Dogs are kind of playful and active creatures, but not all the time. Some can be lazy like you have never seen before. Being in a shelter is not even good for a dog’s mental health. Having a dog in your house is a blessing. Dogs will relieve your stressful mind with their mellow hearts. This story is about a sleepy kind of dog girl.


Peppa is still a six months old Chinese Shar-pei baby. She is a little one, but it didn’t keep her from ending up in a shelter. She had been there only a few days because overcrowding and an uncertain future made it nearly impossible for the six-month-old dog to sleep better. Then she was lucky enough to meet her forever family. Since that day she enjoys a good sleep.

At first, she slept all day long” said her mom, Loren Montgomery. Now, she sleeps for a part of the daytime and sleeps all night like a human. She loves her new home. All she does during the day is have a good bath, eat, and sleep like she hasn’t slept in years.

Montgomery even caught her snoring on the very first day in the new family. She describes it as an exhausted mechanic sound!


Nothing on the earth disturbs his sleep more than his little sister, Bonet. She used to play with Bonet until she is sleeping. Bonet tries to wake her up sometimes, and Peppa hates it. Bonet is playful but Peppa is sleeping beauty!
Montgomery says that Peppa is very timid. She was looking down at the ground when they talked to her and petted her. She still seems slightly timid, but she is adjusting well.


Having a pet like her can calm the human mind. Even Montgomery says that seeing how chill and mellow Peppa is, calms her. Now they have each other to sleep and play every day!