Dog who is obsessed with sticks tries to put a huge stick in the car to take it home!

Henry came to his forever home when he was just a puppy. Even though he was super tiny he always had the biggest personality as a joyful dog. Now he is two years old.

Henry’s mom Amy W. Martin says that he was like a 6-foot sub from the Subway when they found him.


Among his favorite things, sticks are definitely up there. Henry loves sticks very much. Whenever he finds a good one when he is out he is always determined to try and find a way to take it home despite his parents telling him otherwise.

Martin doesn’t want to let him chew the sticks as they have made his mouth bleed.


Recently Henry found the biggest stick of all. He even decided to refuse to listen to anyone who told him that he couldn’t keep it. When he got back to the car he quickly went about trying to find a way to put the stick inside, but sadly the stick was longer than he assumed.

As hard as he tried Henry just couldn’t find a way to get the stick in the car. He was very disappointed in everyone who refused to help him and was so sad.


Finally, he decided to leave it behind. But according to his family, his efforts to take it home were heroic and unsurprising.

“Him trying to get the stick in the car is nothing new, Typical him!” Martin said.