Dog is excited that people remembered her birthday

It is always a special day when it is your birthday. People used to celebrate their special day with their lovelies. Your pets also love to celebrate their special day with you too. This story is about a lucky dog who had a big surprise on her special day!


This lovely doggo named Athena just turned her 2nd milestone in her dog life. Athena’s human family was so excited to celebrate her birthday! They always treated her as a family member too.

They wanted their lovely pet to have a big surprise, and a day to remember.


Her owner Hayleigh Powell and her family made sure to give their pup an extra dose of love and affection all day on her birthday. But they secretly saved the best part for the last.

No birthday would be complete without a song and some cake. They kept the cake as a complete surprise from her making sure she didn’t see it. When it was the time for the big reveal Athena was happier than never before!
“It felt amazing seeing her happy” Powell said. Powell believes that Athena felt so special on her birthday. Athena could feel the love without any doubt. And, she could taste it too.

For Powell and her family, Athena and her dog siblings are not just pets. They are her family too!..


It only makes sense to celebrate their loved one’s birthdays in style. Powell always wants her family to have the best experiences they can have in their life. And she always makes sure her pets feel the best too.