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Heroic dog pulls her mom away from speeding car

Kimberly Bridges owns a Boxer-Staffy, named Orla. She is a very careful dog. Kimberly used to take her on walks.

One day they were on the usual walk. While they were walking she felt the pup pull on the leash hard. She was pulled across the pavement just as a large car careened towards them on the sidewalk.


Later when she checked a neighbor’s dash camera footage, she realized that Orla was her lifesaver!

“It was a lot faster in real-time than what I expected,” Bridges says. She is very lucky to have Orla as their dog.
Although Orla has only lived with Bridges for a few months, it is not a secret anymore how much she is bonded with the family. She will do anything to protect them.

According to the Daily Mail, the was going 70 miles per hour and was just a few millimeters away from Bridges as it flew past.

Because it happened so quickly, Bridges didn’t realize just how close it was at first. But after they returned from the walk, Bridges noticed that Orla still seemed on edge, she was a little shaken. That was the moment she realized how lucky she was!


Orla is so happy to see that her family is safe, and it made her a real hero within just a few seconds.


They knew Orla was special! But now Bridges says that she owes her from her life! Now she gets even more treats and extra belly rubs too!


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