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Sweetest Friendship between Motherless Deer and Raccoon

Last year, when there was a baby raccoon in distress, people immediately called wildlife rehabilitator Carrie Long. The baby raccoon was only 3 weeks old, and had been abandoned by his mother. The poor creature was found during a rainstorm clinging to life. Long owns a nonprofit named Texas Fawn and Friends, and as part of that, she specializes in rescuing orphaned deer, and in this case, she decided to take the raccoon in, who she named Jasper.


In an interview, Long had this to say: “We weren’t sure he was going to make it.” With all the kindness, love and care from Long, Jasper survived, and is thriving, and he’s paying it forward for everything she’s done for him. Although he is healthy and old enough to go out on his own, and fend for himself, Jasper continues to call this deer haven his home.


Jasper his living his days happily with about 75 orphaned deer who are now residing in Texas Fawn and Friends, however, there is one fawn who has captured the heart of our beloved raccoon. Hope, the fawn who has captured Jasper’s heart, has also lost her mother when she was young, and Jasper always makes sure that she never feels alone. Long continues: “Jasper just loves her. When he sees her, he runs to lick and love on her. It’s just the cutest thing.”


Jasper and Hope have the best relationship, and it’s all on their own terms. Long also adds: “He sees her every day. In the evening, she comes and lays next to him. They’ve got a cool relationship going on.” For the remainder of the year, this rehabilitator expects over 100 orphaned fawns, who would likely not survive without the hard work and dedication of the volunteers at Texas Fawn and Friends. These fawns are just not saved, they are given a chance to thrive at life, and Long wouldn’t expect nothing less, and finally she adds: “It’s very rewarding work.”


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