Dog Discovered roaming by herself with a terrible message on her collar

Staff at the McKamey Animal Center in Tennessee brought in a sweet-faced puppy named Lilo earlier this week. A Good Samaritan had seen her strolling about alone and brought her to the shelter for protection.

However, how Lilo had gotten herself in that situation did not remain a mystery for long.

McKamey Animal Center

Lilo, who was still on a leash when she was discovered, also had something tied to her collar. It was a letter from her mother to anyone happened to meet Lilo.

On the scrap of paper, these heartbreaking words were handwritten: “Hello, my name is Lilo. Please be kind to me. My mother is unable to care for me and is homeless with two children. She tried her hardest but was unable to obtain assistance. I was too expensive for her. She adores me, and I’m a wonderful dog that enjoys being pampered. Please refrain from abusing me.”

McKamey Animal Center

Lilo was now in capable hands. However, workers at the McKamey Animal Center were concerned about more than just the dog’s well-being. They were moved by Lilo’s mother’s message and responded to her online:

“We are really sorry that you had to make the decision to abandon [Lilo]. We understand that many people are currently struggling to care for their dogs. We understand how difficult it must be to put up an animal you clearly adored because you are unable to offer the care she requires. We understand,” wrote the shelter, and they continued to say: “We want you to know she is safe, and we will do everything we can to care for her. She will be adored by our staff and volunteers, her name will be kept, and we will do everything we can to find her a lovely new home. We hope that if you are reading this, you would step forward to recover her. To the greatest of our abilities, we will assist you with anything you require to care for her. Lilo certainly misses you, and we would give everything to see her reunited with her family. In any case, please know that we understand, will not pass judgment, and are available to assist in any manner we can..”

The shelter received a response just a few days after publishing that impassioned appeal to Lilo’s mother.

Lilo’s mother had been found — and encouraged to reunite with the dog she plainly adores.

With hope, Lilo’s mother will soon be able to offer all of the care she thinks Lilo needs. But, tragically, she is not alone in her struggles as a pet owner suffering homelessness.

Meanwhile, Lilo’s shelter caregivers hope to save additional dogs from the same fate as Lilo, while also noting, “It is unlawful to abandon an animal, but more importantly, it should never be a choice.”

The McKamey Animal Center encourages those in need to seek assistance. Local shelters are frequently the best options for pet aid, although national groups such as Feeding Pets of the Homeless also exist to help.