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Construction workers rescues a freezing cat and gives her a new life!

It was a cold day on a construction site in the Bronx. A little cat named Yankee was fighting for her life among this freezing cold. She literally had nothing to protect herself. The winter chill covered her within no longer.

But the little kitten was lucky enough to be rescued. The site workers noticed her immediately contacted Puppy Kitty NYCity for help her.


Megan Licari, president of Puppy Kitty NYCity told that the construction workers had heard kitten’s cries the day before she was found. When Megan was going there, the kitten was freezing. Her temperature was so low and it didn’t even register on a thermometer. Megan immediately took her to the emergency hospital.


Yankee was very cold and didn’t even notice that she has been rescued. She just let Megan to took her. Whenever she was at the hospital, the vets sprang in to action with the hope of recuing her.

Yankee was freezing and starving for a long time. She was in a critical condition. But whenever the vet team started to warm up and give her some foods, slowly she began to come back to life.


Licari was really happy to see the real version of Yankee. She transformed to a little playful kitten within three days. She was rescued just in time thanks to the construction workers.

Yankee had the best team to give her the immediate care she needed. Thankfully to them, she got back into her real life. She is the happiest cat now.


They believed that Yankee will find a happy family to have all the love and care she deserves. And it wasn’t any long that she was adopted into her forever family.

Once the cold and fragile cat now enjoying her best life with the family she loves. She can play all the day and get pets from her family.


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