Climate activists harass farmer – so he covers them all in raw sewage from his farm

A most talked about topics on the internet is climate change. World leaders and all humans for that matter around the globe have sat down and are finally taking a look at the problems like global warming that negatively impact our lifestyle.

Although there is some speculation on our planet being on the brink of collapse, there are some who firmly believe that it’s highly exaggerated. As the temperature of the atmosphere has risen a considerable amount, a majority of us agree that we have to take care of the climate. We have to start working towards reducing global warming and climate change so that in 50 years from now, our children can enjoy our beautiful planet.

I have a tremendous amount of respect to those out there who are actively fighting climate change, and to the ones who aren’t getting in the way. That being said, a reminder MUST be sent to those who are oblivious and ignorant of these world issues. Their ignorance and laziness is also a part of this problem.

To everyone taking a stand and trying to make a difference, be careful about the approach you take. Avoid taking illegal actions in the name of your cause at all costs, and at all times, consider how your reason forward will affect others.

In a most recent event, a group of environmental activists took matters into their own hands and entered a farmer’s private land without permission. Their protest was against genetically modified food. These activists made themselves right at home by setting up large tents and even inviting others for events and meals. The farmer, finally having had enough, politely asks the activists to leave.

Politely trying several times of asking the activists to leave his property gave him no success. So the farmer decided to play their game and put is revenge into action. Of removing the illegal protesters from his farm, that is.

The farmer’s revenge was simple. He hooks a septic trailer to his tractor and sprays the whole field with sewage from his farm. Unable to take it anymore, the activists left, their heads hanging low.

What would have been going through the old farmer’s mind? Well, perhaps he probably thought that this would be the best opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. One was getting rid of the uninvited guests and the second being fertilizing the soil – which he had planned to do anyway. Did you know that you can use fertilizer in more than one way? Well, neither did I, and what a pleasant surprise.