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Man jumps into icy waters to save dog’s life

Would you risk your life to save an animal? It’s a difficult decision, and it’s hard to say what anyone would do in a life or death situation. Some would risk their lives in a heartbeat to save an animal. Those that do so deserve to be called ‘hero.’

On a bitterly cold day in Buffalo, New York, while Don Chattern was on a walk with his two dogs, when a woman stopped him to ask for his help in finding her small dog. Without a second thought, Don went to help her, but when the missing pooch is finally located, the amount of danger the dog was in dawned on him, and he knew that he had to act fast.

As the dog had slipped into the freezing waters in the Ellicott Creek Park, Chatter knew that there was little time left to do something to save the dog.

WKBW News stated that even though Don calls 911, he decided to take it on himself to save the puppy, fearing the police may be too late. As he tried crawling across the thin ice towards the animal, it gave way, and Chatter was plunged waist-deep into the freezing waters.

During the interview with WKBN News, Don commented, stating, “I knew it wasn’t real deep in this part because I used to come here when I was a kid.” According to the news station, after trudging through the icy waist-deep waters, Chatterns was finally able to save the pup and was then taken to the vet and was checked over.



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