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If You Have Any Of These 14 Characteristics You Might Be Born With Naturally Higher Frequency

Have you ever noticed that your friend always gets better marks after putting the same effort into the exam? Do you know? One of the reasons behind this maybe your friend is born with more naturally higher frequency. All human beings function on their frequencies; every single vibrate with their frequency comes from their soul. The higher the frequency an individual has, the higher and more powerful the being is.

The difference is some people operate on a higher frequency while others are happy at a lower frequency. For example, it may be just like you and your friend. Though, we can all become more aware and more like “higher frequency” individuals, some people are naturally already in tune with something more and unique. In history, there have been souls that kept the spirit and vibration of humanity high. These souls are of higher frequency and are unique.

Positively, a large number of children are born with a higher frequency to help the world raise its collective consciousness and, with that, our mutual frequency of vibration.

If you wish to know whether you are already moving in life on a higher frequency, what you have to do is only find yourself in 2 or more of these characteristics. Then you might be a high frequency being with a purpose to raise the frequency of the world:

1. You tend to have a deep desire to find your spiritual partner, family, home:
You have a deep inner desire to have your own family, home, and especially a spiritual partner.

2. Even though you have excellent skills and a high level of intelligence, you cannot find what you desire:
You sense that you are more skilled than those around you because you are more aware of it.

3. You always feel that there are entities and angels around you. Sometimes you might even hear voices:
From time to time, you notice little whispers and sounds. These are messages and reminders from all those who are not necessarily from our realm.

4. Your mood often changes, as same as your energy and emotions:
If a loved one, or anyone around you for that matter, is feeling down, it makes you feel down too. What others go through, really affect you. You can’t stop them from affecting you.

5. At times, you have strange moments when you feel like you understand everything, but they don’t last long:
Sometimes you got a feeling like you understand everything, and things are apparent to you. But suddenly you ignore them and prove them wrong by yourself.

6. You have vivid/lucid dreams:
Your dreams are more intense than those of the people around you. You can gain control in your dreams, even when you are sleeping.

7. You wish to build deeply rooted relationships and responsibilities. However, there are moments when you suddenly want to let go and move on, just like it’s nothing:
It’s quite similar to point number 4. Sometimes Your mood lets you build a deep relationship and bear responsibilities. But as it changes, you move on and ignore them.

8. You perceive time passing a lot faster than others:
For some people, time passes too slowly. But for you, however, it is always too fast. You feel that even an hour is lasting only for a few minutes. Nothing seems to slow it down. It has always been like this. The days fly by.

9. Even though you believe that everything happens for a reason, you also think that you make your destiny with your own choices:
You are a firm believer that everything is happening for a reason. Even the smallest things you resonate with. Nothing in life is random!

10. You have a strong intuition:
You tend to have a strong feeling deep inside your guts in situations that others don’t. You just know when something terrible is about to happen, and you have definite confidence in your gut feeling. You feel things that some people will never think of touching.

11. You influence people around you:
As you have a high level of energy, many people like to be around you as they find your presence comforting.

12. You tend to have a deep sense of wisdom and universal knowledge that most people spend their lifetimes learning:
You have become much wiser than most others, as you can tap into something “more.” You are able to find solutions for the most unusual situations.

13. Your natural state is being happy, fun, loving, and positive:
You are a happy person, and never let life put you down. When something terrible happens, you get the most out of it.

14. You have a healthy immune system:
As your immune system works well enough, you rarely fall ill. No matter how many sick people are around you, you are always okay.

However, if by chance you feel like you can see yourself in most of these characteristics, you are unbound from earthly drama. Your role in the world is to remind people of the bigger picture, and you do this subconsciously with your emotions, presence, actions, creations, and thoughts.

Because you are of a naturally higher frequency, when you are around people, they tend to feel your aura. Although it might seem strange to some of you, for most people, they feel your higher being as a source of positive energy.


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