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This Couple Makes Us Feel Like Falling In Love Again

The most hated-loved word in the world probably is love. It’s a privilege to experience that feeling. We all have loved and being loved in our lives. And some of us are lucky enough to have the person we loved most, and some of us are not. But, I consider loving someone unconditionally even though you don’t receive the same kind of love is the purest sacrifice one can do. 

We all long for love, no matter how many breakups we have had. These photos of an old couple will remind us how pure love is. And it’s proof that love still does exist in the world.

1) Enjoying the evening breeze

2) Hugging each other knowing they are going to love each other forever

3) Holding each other and never letting go.

4) Holding each other and never letting go

5) Finally having some fun playing with the birds

Sometimes it’s scary when things are not in the right place in our life. As a kid, we dreamed of getting married at 24, but did we? No, and that part of life is a bit scary. But, what we have to accept is that we all have our own time. If that person is not yours, you can’t have him no matter how hard you try. So, it’s worth waiting than having another breakup. 

Trust me, your time will come.


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