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Cat trapped on a 75 feet tree finally feels so good after seeing his rescuer

Clyde didn’t want to end up like this. However, it happened. When the indoor cat got spooked he ran outside before he could think of what he is going to do next. It was an unfamiliar surrounding for him and all he do for his safety was end up somewhere he never expected. It was a 75-foot fir tree! Clyde was at the top of it.


Luckily, a trained tree climber knew how to help. Tom Otto who works for Cat Canopy Rescue dedicated to saving cats stuck in trees in western Washington State heard Clyde’s faint cries from the massive Douglas fir. When Clyde sees Otto’s coming he knew he is the saviour. “He was really, really happy to see me,” Otto said.


Clyde had been missing for two weeks when his human family finally realized where their beloved cat is. They immediately called Otto and they knew he can help Clyde. “We are so grateful to have found him,” the rescue organization wrote in a Facebook post about Clyde.

Otto knew how the family was feeling as he also has two rescue cats. He was so happy to see them reunite. That is the happiness everyone gets in the end.

Clyde has been regaining his strength since the ordeal and spending all the time with his family.


That’s all for now. And now he knows that when it is going to happen the next time, there will be a friendly face to help him ASAP.


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