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Cameras Capture Dog Swimming in the Neighbor’s Pool

Undoubtedly, the grass on the other side of the fence isn’t always greener. However, when the “grass” is truly a pool, the situation is unquestionably superior to the side without one.

Just ask Zeppole, the dog.


Zeppole recently visited her father’s home on the coast of New Jersey with his owner, TikTok user @errieting. The delighted dog found a wonderful find there.

It turned out that there was a pool there, albeit it wasn’t really there. Actually, it was in the backyard of the neighbor just across the fence.

Zeppole nonetheless sneaked over for a swim despite the danger of invading someone else’s property, as you can see for yourself:

Zeppole may have dipped into the neighbor’s pool without asking permission, but fortunately for him, no one had the heart to object.

Thankfully, “[The neighbors] adore him!” Online, @errieting posted. However, we are addressing the issue of overstaying your welcome.

Zeppole is, in fact, difficult to dislike.

Zeppole now has an open invitation to spend more time swimming in the neighbor’s pool in the future, though he was probably already planned on it.

Golden retrievers are adorable but quite naughty. wrote @errieting. “Well, mine, at least.”


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