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Spoiled rescue pittie insists on having her mother apply her makeup every morning

One day, Cierra Cezar was going to start applying mascara while she was getting ready to go out. Her pit bull mix Nilla spoke out at that point.

In a video interview from last year, Cezar claimed, “She would not leave me alone about the mascara.” She is there, complaining and sobbing. asking me to apply her makeup.

Cezar eventually caved in and pretended to coat Nilla’s eyelashes in mascara. She obviously needs some blush, concealer, lipstick, and setting spray after that.

Cezar declared, “She’s definitely a material girl.”


One of the many ways Nilla enjoys practicing self-care is getting her cosmetics done. When she’s not getting dressed up, she spoils herself with a day at the spa—specifically, the mud spa.

Cezar says that Nilla definitely has two sides: “The princess side and [the] mud monster.”

Although Nilla today enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, this wasn’t always the case. When the adorable pit bull was barely 9 weeks old and living in poor conditions, Cezar adopted her.

When I acquired Nilla, she was in terrible condition, Cezar recalled. She shared a shed with her mother and other members of her litter and had fleas and two different kinds of worms.

“I rushed her to the vet first thing the next day, and our vet said it’s a good thing we did,” Cezar continued. They are in awe of how large and healthy she has become.

Nilla quickly came to the conclusion that once Cezar brought her home, her life had improved.


She warmed up to me and started feeling better in only a few days, Cezar said. Since then, “she’s been a firecracker.”

Nilla is lavished with toys, sweets, vehicle rides, and, yes, makeover days, according to Cezar, who also said that she has the sassiest and largest personality.

She said, “She still likes getting into all of my belongings and sitting in the mud.


All dogs need love and a second opportunity, thus it’s crucial to reward rescue canines. said Cezar. They have so much love to share yet they can’t change the cards life has handed them.


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