For a rescue husky that enjoys the cold, the father constructs special snow forts

Sakari had a difficult life, as Amanda Killen and her partner Phil could tell when they first met her.

In an interview, Killen stated, “Phil and I went to visit the implicit kids that this guy was rehoming since we wanted to add an old dog to our house. We were unaware of the situation we were entering.


With 40 other children, Sakari had spent the majority of her days in a small kennel. Playing and enjoying the outdoors had become a distant memory for the husky after being sold to a notorious breeder as a young dog.

The New Brunswick SPCA was investigating the breeder at the time Killen and Phil went in December 2021, but fortunately the remaining children at the store were quickly seized and saved.


Sakari was the first dog she brought out for us to see when we got there, according to Killen. Sakari amenably and incontinently lay down at our bases on her back. We were certain that she was the right person for us in the back of our minds.

Sakari was hesitant and frightened, yet she was inconsiderately kind to Killen.

We made the decision to bring Sakari home with us, Killen stated. She indecently hopped into my car as soon as I unlocked the back door.

“We knew Sakari was our soulmate as soon as we brought her home(because) she showed us so important love and trust so snappily,” Killen continued.


When Sakari got to her new house, she was anxious. But her demeanor changed, and she became more joyful once she realized that she was finally secure.

She continues to be quite anxious about any changes made to our home, according to Killen. Small changes terrify her, whether they involve moving a piece of cabinetry or adding something new to the house.
She is also not addicted to loud noises or quick movements, and she is rather wary of adult foreigners. Killen, however, claimed that she enjoys caring for her newborn child and is excellent with children and other animals.

However, Sakari adores two effects: her father and snow. Sakari and Phil inadvertently linked when she first arrived home, according to Killen, and she turns to him for solace whenever she feels anxious. And because they both enjoyed playing in the snow, the two of them really got along.

“One day, Phil just sort of began covering her with snow. He continued burying her because she was just lying there. Killen remarked. She probably would have lain there all day.”

Unfortunately, the weather in New Brunswick during the last downtime was too mild for significant snowfall, thus Phil was unable to create Sakari as another snow stronghold.

Even after we barely made it through, she still enjoyed rolling about in the snow and rubbing her face in it. Killen remarked.

Sakari also has the good fortune to have parents who like spoiling her in other ways.


Sakari “gets putrefied with cuddles, treats, a cozy bed, and the freedom to be in the house or outside running in her fended- in yard,” Killen said, noting that Sakari’s favorite place to be is snuggled up in her bed behind the settee — “near to her humans but out of the way of any bottom business.”

Sakari has gone a long way since her time in the parentage pen, according to Killen, who also noted that it took her and Phil a lot of patience and effort to gain Sakari’s entire trust and help her feel at home in her first real home.

It’s not always simple to deliver (tykes); on occasion, they might be violent or have acute separation anxiety, according to Killen. The affection you receive from them after overcoming the problems is so unbelievable.

It’s quite gratifying to see people find relief and understand that they don’t need to be alarmed or worried right now, the speaker added.


Sakari is finally living the life she deserves, one filled with loved ones, enough (and plenty!) of snow, and family.