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Blind old dachshund and his pitbull best friend finally reunited.

Meet Dachshund OJ who is 12 years old and pitbull Dozer who is 6 in age. There was a special connection established between them. They are not just friends and always are nearby. Dozer even took patronage over OJ since the baby is completely blind.

OJ was staying with a kind woman. One day she decided to take a pit bull from the shelter. That is how they met each other. From that day on, their friendship started.

By the time, unfortunately, the owner of the dogs lost her home, job and was forced to wander the streets.

She simply could not keep two animals with her. So with tears, she decided to give them to the shelter.

She asked that the pets not be separated as they are very attached to each other. The staff of the shelter agreed with the women’s wish and gave both of them to a new owner at once.

But, very soon a local resident saw a dachshund wandering along a rural road 100 miles away from his home.

The man took him to the shelter. He noticed OJ as a stray not a pet.

The employees of the center found out the owner of OJ by using a microchip and called the woman. She refused to take the dachshund and agreed to leave it at the shelter. And can you believe that she was not ready to give up the pit bull Dozer!

How can someone separate animals that are so attached?

This story quickly spread across social media and people wondered if the dogs would ever meet.

Finally, after several persuasion hours, the woman agreed to hand over Dozer.

OJ and Dozer were incredibly happy about their reunion as they were separated for a long time. They jumped fooled around and incessantly waved their tails in greeting. That was an emotional moment.

Now they are in the shelter, and in the near future, they will not be given anywhere!

The story is not yet ended. Soon the staff of the shelter will start looking them a home. This time, they will require the owners to sign a document prohibiting their separation! Hope they will find a warm-hearted family!


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