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Baby Hawk adopted by Bald Eagle parent and raised as their own

The tale we’re about to unfold before you today, is one of the most defying sights that nature has ever offered. It is the story of a couple of bald eagles adopting and feeding a baby hawk.

As hawks are usually an excellent food source for huge birds of prey, this odd incident left Canadian bird watchers completely dumbfounded. As the story goes, this is how the tiny hawk got in to the nest of the eagles in the first place.


Meant to be food for the tiny eaglets, the hawk had beaten all odds, and is now thriving as the bald eagle family has gone on and adopted it, and the tiny hawk even acts as a bald eagle. This tiny creature currently lives in perfect harmony with its adopted parents and 3 brothers. In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, David Bird of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation had this to say: “This rates as the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in the world of birds of prey. My guess is that this little hawk begged loud and hard for food – not even thinking about the danger.”


Especially for bald eagles, this kind of behavior is very unusual. Whatever said and done, biologists fear for the little hawk’s life as by the time when the eaglets grow, they would be much bigger than their hawk sibling, and might see it as food as time goes on. Professor Bird goes on to say; “The fact that it survived so long is absolutely amazing. But the thing is that he was much smaller, and eagles always prey on things that are weaker than them.”


However it may seem, bird experts are extremely confident that the eagle parents will allow the baby hawk to be with them until it can fly off by itself. However, it highly depends on the temperament of the eagles and the abundance of food. But for now, the 3-month-old hawk is in very good health. The good professor Bird also goes on to say that, “The eaglets that he was raised with seem to have accepted him as another sibling, and the parents seem to have adopted him as their young.”


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