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As a measure of budgeting the fuel costs, Passengers could be weighed at Airports in near future.

Every day we get News that surprises us. This News of weighing passengers at Airports has become an interesting subject to talk about. Generally, it is acceptable that having the appropriate weight on board is necessary for both efficiency and safety. Yet, forcing a person to step on a scale is a debatable incident. This may also result in negative circumstances like causing to feel shame on one’s weight in public.

With the technological advancements, we believe that there might be an answer for this issue from a British tech start-up. It should be able to weigh the passengers in an intentionally unobtrusive manner which could help to minimise fuel costs while improving safety.

Fuel Matrix, a start-up founded by CEO Roy Fuscone is planning to introduce “pressure Pads” which could weigh the passengers without their knowledge when they are passing through the Airport. It facilitates to calculate the exact amount of fuel burnt for each flight. These unseen pressure pads could be placed at luggage drop-offs, check in or such areas. It helps to practice this controversial act without making the passengers feel uncomfortable.

At present, airlines calculate the estimated amount of fuel needed based on the average weight of customers. According to the estimate, 194 lbs of fuel is used by men, lbs 154 by women and lbs 75 by children.

Fuel Matrix notices that more fuel is burnt by flights as the accuracy level of this method is low.

The chief operating officer of Fuel Matrix, Nick Brasier suggests that “pressure pads” should be positioned in bag-drop area in front of each screen. When a passenger comes to this area, a system should be programmed to ask if the passenger is standing on a pressure pad. If the passenger presses “yes”, the weight could be recorded and used confidentially by the airline.


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