After bringing a puppy into his life, 96-year-old Grandpa begins ‘aging in reverse’

Luis Paz, Javiera Paz’s grandpa, may have felt he’d seen it all at the age of 96. Luis seems to have accepted a tranquil life of relaxation and pleasure at home rather than seek out new experiences, despite the fact that he was still healthy and active to some extent.

But suddenly everything changed.


Paz, knowing her grandfather’s fondness for animals in his youth, asked Luis whether he’d ever considered acquiring a dog. He stated he had, but his wife and a few family members talked him out of it, fearing that a puppy would be too much for him to handle.

“He was enthusiastic, but others were not,” Paz went on to say. “He had always liked dogs, but he hadn’t had a pet in many years.” As a result, I decided to bring him a puppy.”

Capito was the name of the puppy.


And, sure enough, Luis’ skeptics were silenced. They’d fallen in love with the dog.

“Everyone was surprised, but they accepted Capito immediately,” Paz went on to say. “He has adapted very well.”

Paz filmed this video of Capito and her grandfather’s first days together:


Luis gradually changed as each day passed with a puppy in his life.

He appeared to be going backwards in time.

Paz goes on to explain: “My grandfather is much happier and more active. He’s established a routine with Capito. Previously, he would simply sit and watch television. He now gets up early to go outdoors with Capito, and the dog follows him around as he works in the garden. Capito takes his shoes and requests pets. They go for walks on the beach and do things that my grandfather would never do.”

Luis and Capito are a perfect fit.


Paz had been at her grandfather’s house with Capito in her arms for more than three months. And their friendship has grown stronger by the day:

Life has never been more alive for Luis thanks to Capito, yet there has been plenty of time for sleeping as well.

The decision to acquire an animal should never be taken lightly, and older people who have pets frequently require extra help from friends and family. However, Paz has seen personally the benefits that puppies like Capito may provide, stating:


“Seeing Capito’s relationship with my grandfather, and what he’s brought to my grandparents’ lives, reaffirms to me that I made a good decision.”