Puppies buried beneath a pile of rubble howl for days in the hope of being rescued

Many stray dogs in the Fort Lupton, Colorado, region require assistance, and Soul Dog Rescue works hard to save as many as they can — but it’s not always easy.

Although some rescue attempts are lengthy and tough, staff members are typically able to capture the puppies and nurture them back to health at the shelter. At times, the shelter is at capacity and must rely on the generosity of others to save the pets in need.

That’s precisely what occurred the other day when Soul Dog Rescue received a desperate call from a local Good Samaritan.


Shimayne, a former Soul Dog Rescue worker, reported spotting a very pregnant dog wandering across a remote piece of ground near Chinle, Colorado. The dog’s belly had vanished in the few days since she’d last seen her, but her kids were nowhere to be seen.

“After watching for a bit, she kept seeing mama [go] to the same concrete rubble pile and assumed the pups were in there,” Soul Dog Rescue stated on Facebook.

Shimayne and her neighbor looked everywhere for the infants but were unsuccessful. They were about to give up when a familiar sound sounded out: the high-pitched howl of a small dog.


“They heard the pups before they saw them and knew they had found mama’s nest,” stated Soul Dog Rescue.

The rescuers were pleasantly thrilled to discover seven pups burrowed beneath the rubble.

Even though they were relieved to have found the puppies, their quest was far from finished. The infants were hiding behind concrete slabs that bulldozers were threatening to demolish.

“It was nerve-wracking, and they had to keep watch and stop the machines from clearing the pile until they could get them out,” stated the organization.


Fortunately, the heavy machinery came to a halt just in time, allowing the Good Samaritans to complete their rescue attempts.

“[T]hey managed to get into the small crevice where the pups were and pulled them all out,” the organization reported. “Good [S]amaritan number two and her family fostered until we could get them picked up …”

The mom dog, subsequently named Suri, and two of her puppies were adopted straight immediately. The remaining five puppies are still looking for their own family, but they’re all in high spirits.


And this small family will be eternally thankful to the strangers who dropped everything to rescue them to safety.

Soul Dog Rescue finally wrote: “We are so grateful for these good people [for] saving their lives. We see glimpses of light and change, and it’s all [because] of the great people that care that are stopping to help animals in need.”