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According to Experts, it is sufficient that we work only for 04 days per week.

Researchers suggest that it is favorable for the workers to work only for four days per week and be given with a higher minimum wage. Generally, anyone would love to work less and get paid more though there might be some conflicts with the Management. Yet, according to research at New Economics Foundation (NEF), the lowest paid people in the UK can become comfortable with 13% income in 2030, if companies agree with four-day work week together with a minimum wage increase.

At present, there is a productivity crisis that takes place in the United Kingdom. In a matter of fact, only a lesser amount of labor productivity growth could be visible for the past 10 years in the country. Therefore, Experts produced a plan that could assist. According to Alfie Stirling from the NEF ” The problems are deep and structural, ranging from high levels of inequality to an aging population. The policy response needs to be equally trans formative. Raising demand by growing the incomes of the poorest families, while giving people more time off to spend it, should be part of the mix of options that policymakers should be urgently looking at.”

Though it appears to be less productive when working less, the main concern should be what workers actually do at work. The research shows that by 2030 if there is a possibility to work four days per week along with a salary raise, people would be more comfortable. There is a proposal to raise salaries from the present 12 Euro (per hour) to 19 Euro (per hour) so that, the wages and disposable income for those in the bottom 50% would also be increased. In fact, there would be a 26% income rise for the bottom 10% and an 8% income decrease could be seen in the top 10%.

The main Political party that supports this plan is the Labor Party. In last year, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell stated that his party too may support the plan as a means of getting workers to take advantage of automation and technology advancements. According to him, workers in the UK work the longest hours in Europe and still, they are less productive compared with French and Germans.

Trade Unions also support this proposal. Frances O’Grady; General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) stated that in 19th century Unions fought for working 08 hours per day and in the 20th Century they achieved it along with two-day weekend and paid holidays. Therefore, if they lift their ambition for Four days working per week with a decent salary, they would be able to achieve it in the 21st Century. Wealth should be shared instead of being grabbed by the ones who are in the Top Level.

When comparing with the workers in 2007, currently a minimum wage of 15 Euros each week on average is insufficient. Moreover, nobody would oppose an extra day off work. Give your Feedback on this matter. Will this plan work for the people in the United States?


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