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A law firm hired this cat after he was roaming around the office

When we work, sometimes we think that it’s good to have some pet animals around too. Now, this is becoming a trend and some companies are introducing ‘bring a pet to work day”. Some companies have even hired support pets which helps their employees to reduce stress and increase productivity. But in this news, we hear about a cat who became a full-time employee and a staff member in this Brazillian Law firm.

First, this cat was caught hanging around in the law firm roaming here and there freely. The employees of the firm, attorneys didn’t like this very much since they could accidentally step on him and hurt him, So there was only one option left to the law firm to do.

“There was heavy rain and this little guy came into the office searching for a shelter. Then after a while,he decided to stay there permanently, but some people clearly didn’t like this and start to file some complaints about this cat staying in the reception area and trying to make some new friends. So there had to be a solution, so we decided to hire him as an employee” one of the head executives explained.

Leon, the cat was given the job to greet guests when they entered the office. However, he had a really good performance and then he was promoted to a lawyer! Clearly, some people didn’t like the idea very much in the beginning now all of them have come around.

“In the last couple of months there have been heavy rains in this state”, said one of the employees as a representative to Dr. Leon. “He arrived in the building fleeing from the thunder. For the first week, he was living in a box. But simply we couldn’t do that forever since this is a serious law firm. So the president of the firm made the decision to hire Leon and give him an employee badge”

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