A touching friendship between two orphans will melt your heart with love

Nature is the most amazing thing happened ever on earth. It always shows us the beauty of it. Here this story of friendship will melt your heart.

This news is from Ireland. This little cute rabbit was only 4-5 days old when he appeared at the shelter. A week later a lady brought this newborn weak baby pigeon. It has fallen with the nest and the newly hatched chick was fortunately unharmed.

After getting into the shelter they need to be treated. The poor couple had to share the one and only incubator because the shelter had only one. So they decided to put them in one and separate them with a tiny wall.

A short time later, the carer witnessed that the lovely babies are cuddling each other. Managing to tear the tiny wall, they began to hug each other. From that moment they began their friendship showing that life is better together! They will never forget their special friend who was with them with a hard time!

They became inseparable friends for a lifetime. They found comfy and warmth from each other.