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A man kicks a dog to chase it away from his parking space and later the dog gangs up and trashes the man’s car

Do you feel it is manly to hurt an innocent animal and be happy about it? Well, trust me,then you are far being a human in this world. Most of these ‘so-called humans’ hurt harmless animals and feel great about it because these devils have some kind of a psychological disorder. I mean who would in a right mind hurt an animal or even a human and be happy about it?

Well, we can’t expect everyone to be in this demeaning world to act morally and this person we are going to talk about is a good example for that. But believe me, the end of this story will surely make you all happy.

Have you seen stray dogs, sometimes  sleeping all over the roads or in car parks, resting after finding some food? How do you feel about them? Angry that these beasts make the places messier? Or do you feel sorry for them? What you feel reflects who you truly are. So, falling to the first category, a man in China kicks and injures a dog who was sleeping in his parking space. 

And that would be the end of most of the stories. A man kicks a dog and chases it away. So what’s the big deal? Taking things to the hands, this incredible dog didn’t let it rest. Would you believe that this amazing canine ganged up with his fellow dogs the next day and took the revenge out of the man’s car? The vehicle was destroyed as they chewed the bodywork and windscreen wipers and they got their revenge. We are lucky enough to know what happened as another man in the car park took a few photos of this hullabaloo and made them viral.






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