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A bewildered baby discovered barking and living among street dogs is not a dog after all

When residents of a Thai hamlet noticed a newborn animal wandering about and barking amid gangs of street dogs, they knew something was wrong. Despite the baby’s canine-like sounds, he wasn’t a dog – he was a muntjac deer that had strayed from a neighboring woodland and was now alone.


When the locals understood what was going on, they called Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) for assistance. The juvenile deer, eventually named Cha Lao, was only a few days old and obviously in need of assistance. He was being chased by street dogs and would bark to keep them at bay, as muntjac deer do when predators approach. He was so young and little that he couldn’t have survived much longer on his own.


WFFT was able to apprehend Chao Lao and quickly transported him to their wildlife hospital. He began receiving specialized care, including bottle-feeding, and his rescuers saw how much more peaceful he was immediately.


So far, Chao Lao is doing well in the care of his rescuers. He’s been taking regular walks around the vet facility to help him gain strength. He’s still a bit unsteady on his feet, but he’s becoming stronger by the day, and he enjoys exploring his environment like a courageous little boy.


A newborn deer was not supposed to be found living among dogs, but he was discovered just in time. He’s happy and protected today, and he’ll hopefully grow and prosper in the future.


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