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Family of 7 lives in converted bus featuring a loft and Dad gives a tour of their Incredible home

Have you ever fantasized about the freedom of hitting the open road, and exploring at your own pace? For Anna and Jeff, a dynamic couple with five children, this dream wasn’t just a fleeting thought; it was a project waiting to unfold.


They took an old school bus and, armed with creativity and determination, turned it into a comfortable mobile home.


Now, this family of seven is living their dream, with their home-on-wheels offering all the comforts of a stationary house – a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and even a workspace for Jeff, the family’s resident software designer.

The heart of their mobile haven is the kitchen, equipped with a washer-dryer combo, a spacious sink, and a 24-inch propane stove. The Ikea find of a sizable sink not only handles the washing up for a family of seven but has also doubled as a makeshift bathtub for the kids.

The family’s commitment to creating a comfortable and practical living space is evident in the thoughtful design of their mobile home. A 120-volt fridge, though a bit power-intensive, perfectly meets their needs.


The bus underwent two renovation phases, with the first focusing on the main level and the second incorporating significant improvements based on their road life experiences. A $4,000 initial purchase transformed with around $46,000 became the vessel for their dream.

Their mobile home boasts a bathroom with a Nature’s Head composting toilet and a full ceramic tile shower with a nine-foot ceiling. The master bedroom suite features a king-size bed with storage cleverly tucked away underneath.

Even the bus’s original rearview mirror found a new purpose in the bathroom, adding a nostalgic touch.


Considering the family’s need for a tow car, the bus’s design incorporated hitching a Jeep, serving as their daily driver and enabling exploration of places the bus can’t reach.

An RV-specific GPS app plans their routes based on the bus’s weight, height, and length, ensuring a smooth journey without road-related hiccups.

“Experience a firsthand tour of the incredible mobile home by watching the video below!”


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