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5 Signs That You Need To Know About If Your Soul Is Tired

We often tend to focus on the more controllable life challenges. It is only natural since we feel confident about our ability to solve what we can see and properly perceive. For example, when we are sick, the doctors provide a remedy for the symptoms that they observe. We have designated providers of solutions when it comes to mind and body. What about the spirit?

Spiritual exhaustion is more common than we like to think. Even more is the effect of not knowing when one is spiritually exhausted. This fatigue is not just limited to one’s body or the mind, but even their higher being is disturbed and feeling out of juice. It is also a sign that we have disconnected from our inner self.

Spiritual exhaustion happens when one’s soul is fatigued due to constant giving and almost no receiving of care and essential spiritual energy from their purpose and the people they are helping. Many healers go through this, but it is not limited to only them.

So how can one know that they are going through spiritual exhaustion or if one is suffering from a burnout due to too much chronic stress?

1. You Feel That You Are Not Being Valued At Your Work

It is true that spiritual fatigue can creep up on anyone, however, this sign is more observable in individuals who are in a service profession. For example, if you are a caregiver or in professions that have a high spiritual demand, you are more prone to this – you give and give to make other better, but do not get any appreciation for it or any spiritual compensation (like positive expressions of gratitude).

For people who work in areas such as healthcare, teaching, healing, social work in the justice system, spiritual exhaustion may be more frequent and prominently seen. Since these people often put others’ needs before their own, the chances of feeling spiritual emptiness are higher. Moreover, the absence of that matter that would refill your spiritual cup, it is only natural that they may lose their ability to give spiritually and holistically. This may not be a full-blown fatigue, it is surely a trigger for the same.

2. Difficulty Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning, Insomnia

One’s irregular patterns of sleeping are at play here. One may hardly remember a time when they are not tired. By the end of the day, one may just crash into the bed, but not be able to sleep – due to too much fatigue and restlessness. Many of them can’t actively fall asleep, and neither can they move.

Not being able to wake up in the morning shows that the body is too tired to even process rest in its full form. These are symptoms of greater energy shifts that one is going through. One may find their energy levels to be inexplicably erratic. Such unusual fluxes only happen when they are struggling to keep up their energy levels – a major sign of spiritual exhaustion.

3. You Want To Avoid People

Have you ever felt like going away from a social gathering and being all by yourself to feel okay? Often times, being around too many people can tire us out. Out of our awareness, there are constant energy exchanges happening when people come together. When they share grief or happiness, it has an impact on one’s energy.

When too many people are demanding too much from us, it is natural to feel empty and tired after you have given it all. But when you are already running on fumes, there is little that can motivate a person to be with people and keep giving.

4. You Feel A Strange Heaviness In The Chest

In any case, it is advisable to approach your doctor at the soonest when you feel heaviness in your chest. However, a ‘heavy’ chest can also mean that there is an imbalance in your Heart Chakra or if it is closing up, or if it is going through an energy overload.

This heaviness is also seen when one is unable to process their emotions and are still holding their emotions in, without expression or a release. Moreover, if one denies that they also need someone to care for them and are very much lacking in nurturing bonds, we are more likely to suffer from an empty heart.

5. You Cry Too Much For No Reason

Tears are surprisingly versatile when it comes to dealing with a lot of emotional mess and fractures. How often do you let out a few tears when you face totally strange and messed up scenarios? It is safe to say that tears are our valves to let out stress and pent-up emotions.

If you end up crying too often for almost no reason at all, it may be a way that your soul is trying to cleanse itself, trying to remove the blocked up baggage to avoid your body from bearing the brunt of it. When one is spiritually too tired, tears are more than frequent.


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