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40 things that are true in fact, but no one will not believe.

There are some cold truths in the world that no one is ready to believe. Most of us believe some facts as the same but that is not the real truth in the world. Because everything we see has two sides to it.

One Reddit user shared the following as “What’s a truth no one wants to hear?” and he got loads of responses for that question.

The responses are illuminating and brutally honest! And in fact, those are hard truths. But in an actual situation, most people out there would not believe them for sure. It doesn’t matter, because anyone has the right to believe what they need. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Not every person in the military is a hero or a good person; just because he is in the military!

SouthwestTraveller,Diego González

2. Most of us have heard that time heals wounds. No, it is not. The actual situation is by the time, it only builds the scar tissues! Simply!

tehrealdirtydan,seyfettin dincturk

3. If you believe that you will be able to be rich very easy, but also you have to remember that you are also much closer to be poor than being super-rich!

fckboris,Shail Sharma

4. Some of us believe that people who do bad will get back to them. No! They are not always getting what they deserve!


5. Babies are cute souls right. But are all the babies cute? No, it is not!

616abc517,Ryan Franco

6. If you need to say “I don’t know” as an answer to a question, please go ahead. It will save you!

TheBrassDancer,Andrew Neel

7. It is possible that commit no mistakes at all and still lose. If you think that is weakness, it is not, it is the nature of our life.

MayaButtreeks1985,Adrian Swancar

8. Not all parents are good! If you are not ready to take care of another human being, please do not go for it! Just because you are in a relationship and financially standard doesn’t mean that you are ready to have a baby.

UwU_was_ist_das,Alberto Casetta

9. Most people don’t care about you or maybe your opinions.

Klaus_Heisler87,LinkedIn Sales Solutions

10. There are plenty of people out there who don’t like you! It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are! It doesn’t require any reason!

DeathSpiral321,Jorge Saavedra

11. Most people shouldn’t have kids, as it seems!

12. If you think our lives will be the same as before the pandemic, it would never be!

PripyatHorse,Abby Thompson

13. Just because you are having a university degree doesn’t guarantee you a job!

SchteeveFour,Mauro Lima

14. To change yourself, you can change the countries or move into another town, but you can’t run from yourself!

15. Friends are will not stay forever! They will come and go.

Realitycheck-4u,Matheus Ferrero

16. No one gives you the main character of their lives to you! You are the main character of your life and you are just an extra in everyone’s life.

Accomplished-Bee4700,Robert McGowan

17. Being important is nice, but it is more important to be nice!

RepresentativeWay734,Brooke Cagle

18. To build something takes years, but to destroy it only takes just seconds.

19. The climatic changes are happening secretly, and in the next couple of decades, it will get worse than ever.

gandhikahn,Chris Gallagher

20. The world is being run by corruption, it is 100%

21. According to history, the war can come to your doorstep. Everything can be changed. No country is immune!

SchteeveFour,UX Gun

22. Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the universe goes sideways, and it is your time to be caught in the crossfire!

Emcee_Such_N_Such,Ryoji Iwata

23. All of your bones are wet at this moment.

24. If you are still don’t care about your teeth, go and brush them twice a day! If you don’t care about your teeth when you are young, you will regret it when you are old.

toothfixingfiend,Diana Polekhina

25. When you are chasing a romance or friendship, the other person doesn’t want to be with you.

Magicman2444,Toa Heftiba

26. You are not special. No one is special at all.

BeechballMusic,Мария Волк

27. If you are over or under a certain weight limit, you have a higher risk of getting sick, without any reason.

Swiftzword,Erik Mclean

28. The odds that you die tomorrow, are way higher than winning on a lottery ticket you bought.

cleanbroom,i yunmai

29. People will hurt you. Get ready for it.

vojili,Joshua Rawson-Harris

30. You can’t make someone love you if they don’t

31. You are aging, your young, and the beauty will not stay forever.


32. You need to stop procrastinating and get that thing you have been needing to do done already.

PikaBirb44,Annie Spratt

33. Your partner is always going to find other people attractive.

Milkie444,Caleb George

34. Eventually, we will be alone. It is either being comfortable with ourselves or being tormented by loneliness later in life.

35. If someone cheated you, no more staying! Run!

36. Some people just are not going to like you! But it is not your fault.

37. Your belly button, is your old mouth isn’t it?

Kairosiris,Ben Hershey

38. Life is unfair and it is okay!

BrainCelll,Erik Mclean

39. The love hormone “Oxytocin, also increases the animosity towards those you considering as “others”


40. If you believe ‘everything is gonna be okay, you have to put the effort to make it okay!


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