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This bear knows how to chill with an old mattress.

Some wild animals act weird than we expect! Just look at who is enjoying the day on a mattress!

This wild bear was captured at a local garbage dump by Keira Mamkawa from Ontario, Canada. The woman was having a hard day running about business and, she needed to take large garbage to the local dump. But what she saw there, made her day after a long time!

Look at the stress-free one who enjoyed his day! He was absolutely happy about the treasure he had in the garbage. It is not rare that bears visit human habitations to find something to eat in the area. But more often they got is the leftover foods to eat something like bones, fish skeletons only. But this one seems that he came to find something to eat but forget it and chill. He has arranged himself a day out and enjoying it. Even without noticing the woman who is taking his pictures.

Maybe he is full and going to take a nap.

Mamkawa said that it was funny and breathtaking. After her business at the dump, she was going to move on. But the bear was not going to leave his bed! Who else leaves a cozy bed like this! If she waited a bit, she would hear him snoring.


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