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17 lucky bears lived in concrete pits free to feel the earth under their paws for the first time.

This is something good that happened recently to seventeen bears, which were held in captivity, in concrete pits. Can you believe that they are finally free to roam outdoors! Yes, it is! They have 60 acres of sanctuary to spend their life now.

The bears were kept at Black Forest Bear Park in Georgia. They were in pits miserably and they begged for food from the park’s visitors. The newborn cubs are also taken from them immediately after birth.

Finally, they were lucky enough to live peacefully in the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keansburg, Colorado. It was a collaborative effort by PETA, the Atlanta Humane Society, and Sam Simpson.

Imagine living in a pit and then being released into a sanctuary! That would be an awesome feeling for them! At the new home, they are enjoying the freedom of life. They can roam, forage, and even can eat fresh fruits and veggies.

After ages now they are enjoying the feel of fresh grasses and earth!

Luckily, two of the bears were pregnant at the time of their rescue. Now they will be able to raise their own babies in the free and natural environment for the first time!

It is not that easy to be in a limited pit to a giant bear. We all deserve that freedom in our lives. Not only for us, for the animals too! Imagine being quarantined in a house for a lifetime! Let’s wish the bears an enjoyable life ahead!


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