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Mother elephant shows her baby to the caretakers who rescued her life

The ability of gratitude is more common among animals rather than among humans. They have their amazing kind of gratitude to show the helpers they have.

This mother elephant is a good example for those who showed their gratitude to people who saved her life and gave her care, love, and affection.

Yatta was a female elephant who was brought to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust sanctuary in 1999. They take care of elephants until they become ready to be released into the wild.

Yatta was also returned to the wild after 10 years. She is an amazing elephant. After 8 years in the wild, she decided to visit the people who were taking care of her. She wanted to say that she has not

forgotten people who were so kind to her.
And this time, she surprised the carers at the sanctuary with her newborn baby! This touching moment was caught on camera!

It was a heart-touching moment and they were so happy! They named the little one Yoyo. This was her second baby. Before that, she showed her first baby Yetu to the staff too. It seemed that she trust them as her family who gave her love and care for a long time.

For the elephants family means absolutely everything. Returning to the wild, she farmed her own family. That’s why it was not a big surprise for the staff to see the mama elephant showing her new family member to the former human family

After ten years, she didn’t forget them. That was a heartwarming moment!


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