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World’s Grumpiest Frogs – The African Rain Frog

When you first look at these frogs, they look grumpy, or perhaps sad. However, they are neither grumpy nor sad, that’s just how these African black rain frogs look like.

Image credits: Delport Botma

These critters are native to the southern coast of Africa, and found at an elevation of over 3,300 feet, the African black rain frogs are most often found burrowed underground to create tunnels which can be up to six inches deep.

Image credits: weshalljoinourhouses

As these frogs are so tiny, stretching up to only a maximum of 2 inches in length, their ability to burrow so deep is amazing.

Image credits: 22sect

Being a burrowing species of frogs, living and inhabiting the fringes of forests, these creatures never really need open water sources to survive.

Image credits: DamianVanAswegen

They also adopt a more aggressive stance by puffing up and expanding their body when threatened.

Most often, these frogs bloat themselves while burrowing, as the increased size means that whatever grabbed it will struggle to pull the frog out of its hole.

Image credits: thewondersofthenatrual

When mating season dawns, to stop the male from falling off its back, the female discharges a sticky substance.

Image credits: pleasemyavocadoitssosad

This sticky substance is called adhesive amplexus, and the female adamantly refuses to let go of its mate. What do you call that other than loyal?

Image credits: Pedrica1

Once the female of the species had done laying its eggs, the male guards the eggs while staying within the burrow and lets out little chirps.

Image credits: thewondersofthenatrual
Image credits: amgry.frog

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