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Woman spots lump in the road during the flood and go on to save a life

It was a devastating morning. After hours of heavy rain caused widespread flooding near her home in Australia, Lady Penelope decided to survey the damage.

She was crossing a small bridge where high waters were beginning to subside. Then she noticed something on the path ahead. It was like a black lump washed up. At the first, she thought that it may be a baby duck that had perished. But then she got a closer look. It was a young platypus. It was so small and so lifeless. She knew that it was her time to help!


She used her two fingers to gently perform CPR on the small platypus. She wasn’t sure if it would work. But incredibly it did. After a few moments, he stirred back to life.

When the platypus spluttered and started breathing Penelope was overwhelmed with joy. She was unable to control her happy tears. She just sat in the mud beside the precious little guy and wept. She was telling him that he was going to be okay and felt a sense of love. Thankfully, in the end, he was okay.


She looked on as the platypus waddled back to the waterline, waded in, and swam away. Thankfully, because she had stopped to try and save him, the platypus had been given a second chance to live.

Penelope was so happy. It was one of the most beautiful experiences she ever had in her life. She asks others to stop to check and to be kind. Because she believes that it will allow for miracles.


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