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Woman spots dog surfing on flooded streets

Mostly a flooded street means staying inside. But this one is strange and funny.

Meet Bo. He can navigate the water as easily as pulling out his boogie board.


About a year ago there was a bad storm left the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was like a riverbed. On that day, Peter Rosen experimented with teaching his dog Bo to surf. When the street flooded again Rosen was hopeful that Bo would remember his surfing skills.

They pulled the board out and he immediately recalled it and hopped right on. Rachel Frank, who was a neighbor, was attempting to walk her dog through the waterlogged sidewalk when she spotted Rosen and Bo duo getting ready to ride the waves. By the time she returned from her walk, the duo was hanging ten up and down the street.

She couldn’t stop laughing and filming. She was with her dog too and it wanted to jump in and play too. The deeper feeling Rosen was to teach Bo to surf in the ocean. But the small south Florida waves were not strong enough to propel the board.


Pretty soon, Rosen figured out that the flooded streets might be a better fit for Bo’s ability. He began teaching Bo by manually pulling him through the water. But slowly, Bo got his balance. Eventually, Rosen added the electric bike for the session.


He is a talented dog! Anything that allows him to be closer to Rosen sounded like a good idea to Bo. He was adopted about three years ago. He found him in the Cayman Islands. Rosen and his husband had been vacationing when they met Bo, whose previous owner was no longer able to look after him. They allowed him to join in their journey and it ended up officially adopting him. Since then the adventure continues.


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