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Woman Finds Puppy Near Trashcan Waiting for Someone to Take Him

Recently, there was a puppy found near a public dumpster in Missouri, nearby residents had called on rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louise.

A Good Samaritan had come along and seen the scared and sad puppy, and called the rescue, who had then rushed right over to lend their help. When they met him at first, they gave him the most adorable name.


Stray Rescue of St. Louis employee Natalie Thompson had this to say in an interview: “Shoestring was found by a sweet and kind person who was taking her trash out. She saw the puppy tied to the fence with a shoestring — hence how he got his name. He was shaking from nerves, so she called us, and sat with him until our team arrived.”

Shoestring needed someone to take him in and give him a loving home. The rescue took him in, and got him checked by a vet. After getting a clean bill of health and a good warm meal, Thompson and the team showered Shoestring with so much love.

Thompson continues to say: “He’s a sweet older puppy, in good health. We’re not sure why he was tied up and abandoned.”


As Shoestring started settling down into the loving and comforting arms of the workers at the rescue, he soon forgot about the sad parts of that fateful day.

Thompson also had this to say about Shoestring: “Once he knew he was safe, he melted into a total lovebug! He loves other dogs and all people. He’s cuddly and kind and loves to play and wrestle.”


Although for the time being the loveable pup is living with a foster family, once he has been neutered, he’ll be put up for adoption. The rescue only requests potential adopters to have a playful, vibrant dog, so that Shoestring gets the second chance at life that he so truly deserves.

Thompson finally adds, saying: “He’s doing great. A loving foster family came to get him so he didn’t have to stay in our shelter, which is beyond full. There was no room for him to stay here, so we’re happy he’s loving life in his foster home and is so grateful to them.”

Shoestring is an absolute treasure, and Thompson and the rest of the staff at the shelter believes that he would find his forever family soon enough.



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