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Rescued Baby Beaver Keeps Roommate Out by Building a Dam in Doorway

Say hello to Nibi. Nibi is an orphaned beaver, rescued by the warm hearted volunteers from Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Massachusetts.

With the dedicated care of the workers at the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue, Nibi has learnt what it means to be a beaver, and she’s now putting those beaver instincts to good use.

The five month old beaver spent most of her life at the center as the one and only beaver, hence, she got all the attention of the volunteers. But since recently, all that has changed.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue recently adopted another orphaned baby beaver with the name Ziibi. Although it was good news for the rescue to be able to help an adorable newcomer, for Nibi, it wasn’t good news at all.

Even though Ziibi was extremely eager to make friends with Nibi, she wasn’t having any of it, being downright displeased.

Rescuers know that it’s in the best interest of both beavers that they socialize with one another; hence, the volunteers have not yet given up on them to form a bond via supervised interactions.

Although at one point it seemed that there was a breakthrough, Nibi showed her displeasure yet again.

Rescuers had this to write regarding the encounters: “As a reward for her good behavior towards her new roommate, Nibi was allowed to have the rehab room to herself for an hour while Ziibi enjoyed the semi aquatic enclosure. Nibi immediately started building a dam at the door where her roommate exited…you know… in case Ziibi tries to come back inside.”

It’s easily understandable Nibi’s lack of enthusiasm as she now suddenly has to share her space. However, whatever said and done, volunteers at the rescue are optimistic that the two beavers will on friendlier terms, and it seems that it’s already starting to look up.

In an update, Newhouse Wildlife Rescue wrote, adding: “Well, we have made some progress. The two are ‘tolerating’ each other now and can be in the same room without fighting. They aren’t ‘besties’ but they aren’t at war anymore, so we’ll take the win! Maybe in time, a closer relationship can form.”

Whatever said and done, and their squabbles aside, the pair have so much to be grateful for. Because of their rescuers and part time refereed, they now have been given a second chance at life.

With time, both babies will be fit enough to be released back into the wild, hopefully friends, but what’s most important is that they’d be free.


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