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When they notice a head poking out of the mud, the bachelor party drops everything

An element of surprise is present at many fantastic bachelorette parties. Recently, though, a bachelorette party canoeing down the Minnesota River experienced a startling surprise when they observed a large, hairy head sticking out of the mucky water.

For a full day and night, we had been on the swash and had not seen any differences in the bachelorette in question, Mitch White stated in a Facebook post. “My(n) nephew turned the boat around to see what was going on when he heard a dog barking behind him.

The head belonged to an ancient Saint Bernard that had been roaming around and had become badly ensnared at some point.

According to White, “When we got to shore, (we saw) he was buried up to his neck in the thickest of slush”

The men started digging the unfortunate canine out of the muck with their scullers acting as shovels. They dialed 911 because they needed assistance. The Carver Fire Department’s firemen arrived quickly.

The men made every effort to keep the dog comfortable in the meanwhile.

White noted in the post, “We offered him water, (and) he drank nearly a half a gallon before stopping. Just before we set him up, (we) gave him some of our lunch meat and summer link.”

The crew had dug for around 20 twinkles when fire department captain Shaun Cox arrived on the site.

In an interview, Cox stated, “When I initially saw the dog up to his rear in the mud, I felt feeling awful for him, as he looked weary.

Firefighters and bachelorette party guests were first concerned that the dog, later identified as Ed, wouldn’t accept their assistance politely. Nevertheless, the group was happy to discover Ed to be genuinely cordial and helpful. The large dog soon left the shoreline and was lounging in a truck bed.

The owner of Ed was overjoyed to see his dog again. According to CBS News, Ed floated off the family’s property and went lost for a day before being found by rescuers.


In addition, Cox was overjoyed that Ed would soon return home safely and that this extraordinary deliverance had come to such a joyful finish.

“I was glad to see them together again,” Cox added. The following day, after taking a bath, (Ed) looked much better.


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