When She Is Gone, You Will Realize Your Mom Was Your One And Only Real Friend

There are many people who say that we as parents shouldn’t be friendly, and close without children. Well, what they say is not 100% perfect. No matter how old you maybe, if you are young, or an adult, if you have a strong bond with your mom, she will be your best friend, for life.

Although you may not realize this now, or even in another few years, when she is not with you any longer, you will feel that a part of you is missing, your best friend. Some of you may think that it’s weird that the relationship that I have with my mom is the most valuable thing that I have, but those of you who have a positive relationship with your mother, you understand what I am saying.

As time passes, and I grow older, my mum and I get closer to each other, day by day, and of course, there were many things that I was scared to talk about with her. However, with time, they are just what we share. Now, both of us are open books to each other, and we care for each other, which cannot compare to anything else. When I was small, I remember how much trouble I gave her, and what I have put her through. But now that we are closer, I have apologized for everything, and it’s water under the bridge.

You know how at times, when in the middle of the night, you can’t sleep and you want to talk to someone? Well, for me, that person is my mother. I can call her up in the middle of the night and talk. Our love for each other is unwavering and unconditional. There has been plenty of time where I have kept her up at night worrying about me and making her anxious. There is no one else on the whole wide world who would genuinely worry about me, other than my mom. No matter what you give me, I would never trade my mother for anything in the world.

When your mother is your best friend, and when she leaves you forever, there will be a void in your life which no one will be able to fill. So, the next time you start to talk back to your mother, remember that she brought you into this world, and gave you everything she had. The person who you are today is because of your mother. She has been to hell and back to bring a smile to your face. When you needed her, she was always by your side, when you broke down and even when you fell off your bike. Even as you grow up, when you need her, she’s only a phone call away. As she has been there at every stage of your life, she deserves a whole lot of acknowledgment.

Your friends may leave you at some point in your life. But your mother will never leave your side. So, it is for the best if you considered her your best friend above anyone else. She is not someone you would meet in college or a colleague at your workplace who would leave you when you need them the most. Your mother would stand by your side, even if you treat her the worst possible way. She is the only person who would make your life easier. Although she may have aged, and have wrinkled skin, she will have the same, and she will have the same amount of perfect love until she draws her last breath. She will still love you and watch over you from the heavens.