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Mom’s Hilarious Mistake in The Son’s School Photos Makes The ‘Mom-fail of The Year’

Sometimes it’s your mom who makes you a world-famous. 

Brittany Kinley, a 33 years old mom, was super excited to receive his son’s first official photo in the mail. 

It was the 6-years-old’s kindergarten photo. 

Brittany made 30 copies of the photo and sent them to their loved ones. She didn’t realise what’s wrong with the photo until she handed a photo to her mother-in-law. It was a major ”oh no!” situation. 

It all occurred when she filled the form for the set of photos. Brittany wanted her son’s name to be at the bottom of the photos. Yet, to move to the next question of the form, she had to write something in the blank field. 

Only if she knew by then the printing company prints whatever written on that field. 

At first, Brittany was so upset about it. But she realised that it’s also a laughter. 

To see what she has written in the blank field, watch the video and trust me you won’t regret it.


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