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We fall in love with only three people in our lives

To love and being loved by the same person is one of the best feelings in the world. But, not everyone has the luck to find true love from the first relationship.For centuries, mystics and philosophers believed that one falls in love only with three different people in the life; ‘the one shows our stupidity’,’ the one breaks and makes us’ and ‘the one without a reason’.

1.  The First Love

Idealistic or the first love is based on our fairy tale love stories. This happens at a very young age where we believe him/her as ‘the one’. As this love is very dramatic and romantic, we try everything to keep it going as long as it’s possible. As we are naive at this age, we tend to believe this as the ‘true love’.

2. The Second Love

This is the stage where we are matured. This love forces us to understand who we are,  what kind of partners do we need and where we are gonna end. At this stage, you have to accept manipulations, lies, deceits, pain anger because at this stage where affairs get broken. Here, you start to hate love and give up on having another affair. Even though this love leaves you with heartbreaks and tears, trust me, this is the stage where you find your energy and strength. So, in the end, you realize what kind of a person you need to spend your life with.

3. Final Love

At the last stage, you realize that fairy tales are only in Disney movies, not in real life. At this stage, you have suffered every way a person could have suffered. Here, you have vowed yourself not to fall in love again yet this person enters your life unexpectedly. This might not be passionate as you the first one, but this love is more understanding and supportive. Here, we pay attention to the real future and building a life together. As this love is powerful, we neglect the imperfection as the love and bond are strong. So, we start to accept us as who we are.However, remember that everyone has his or her own time. One could have the chance to find the final love at a younger age. But it doesn’t mean that the same thing will happen to you. You just have to be a bit of patient because once you found it will be yours forever.


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