Two Wiggly Kids share a bed with Sleepy Mom

From dawn till dusk, each and every day, even when the night has come, a parent doesn’t finish their work. You can just ask this squirrel mom who is very sleepy.


A wildlife enthusiast from Eastern U.S. had seen an adorable encounter within a nest of a squirrel in their backyard, and they had filmed it and shared the adorable video on YouTube. The video shows the momma squirrel cuddling up with her two tiny babies. However exhausted she feels, she makes sure that her babies feel cozy and safe. See for yourself in the video below:

Although this momma squirrel is very tired from the day, and is half asleep, she’s still on the job, putting her babies to sleep, and wrapping them up in her tail to keep her warm. However, this pampering does not go on forever.

Baby squirrels live with their mothers for about 10-12 weeks. This is when their old enough to go into the world on their own, giving her the peace and quiet to get the undisturbed sleep she deserves. Parents’ who share their beds with toddlers and their kids, would no doubt relate to this instance.