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Rescue Fox Starts to Giggle when petted by his Human

Foxes are some of the most adorable and loveable creatures with their fluffy faces and furry coats, including their endlessly playful antics. Today we bring to you the cutest moment shared by Save a Fox Rescue where a red fox was captured on video, giggling in pleasure when it received a belly scratch.

credit: SaveAFox

Makayla Raines, the founder of Save a Fox, had taken the video, and she is enjoying the encounter as much as the fox. She had this to say regarding the encounter: “I discovered the world of domestic foxes upon taking in a tame pet fox several years ago. Domestic foxes are unlike wild foxes in that they are born in captivity to sell as pets, as well as being bred in ‘fur farms’ for the sale of their pelts. Foxes born in captivity are unable to be released into the wild due to legal and ethical reasons.”

credit: SaveAFox

Back in 2017, after realizing how many adorable foxes were in need of a home, Raines started this foundation, stating: “Many of our foxes at Save A Fox come from fur farms, as pet surrenders, or seized from their owners as the result of an illegal situation and then brought to us.”

If you’re a fan of these adorable animals, you can check out the Save a Fox YouTube channel. Check the video below where Finnegan shows how much it loves being petted.


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