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Thousands of flowers plated for his blind wife

The flowers can show a wide variety of emotions. A rose for “I love you”, a bouquet for “Sorry, I broke your favorite vase”. They are really versatile, but most flowers just simply shows love. Most often, they occur in anniversaries , Valentine’s Day and birthdays. But, this husband had a different idea after his wife became blind. Because flowers are not only beautiful, they also have an incredible smell

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki were married in 1956. They lived an incredible life, raised two children, and successfully managed a dairy farm in Shintomi, Japan. However, everything suddenly changed. their plans for retirement and travel around Japan disappeared when Ms. Kuroki became blind. A complication of their diabetes meant that they could no longer travel.

Her husband knew she was completely depressed and decided to do something to cheer her up. He knew that she liked the smell of her favorite flower, shibazakura or moss phlox. He already had some in the garden, so he decided to grow them continuously

In the past two years, he has planted thousands of flowers, all to encourage his wife. Not only did the smell of her favorite flower lift her spirits, but thousands of visitors to the garden also allowed her to chat. A decade after planting, the dairy farm remains an important tourist attraction. The love story between the stables and the couple is now home to 7,000 visitors a day when the flowers blossom.

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