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This is the reason why you must keep a coin in the freezer before you leave the house

Have you notices that your digital alarm has gone cuckoo when you returned home.

You might think it as a simple power cut but do you know how long it has been there?

Maybe it was a minute or an hour, or for weeks. But do you know the danger comes with it?

If the power cut has lasted for hours, the food defrosts and again freezes and you won’t even realize it.

The danger in this is, there is food that would spread salmonella and many more bacteria as the food goes with this process.

So, with this article, we tell you how to know the time duration of the power failure.

What you need is

  • A cup
  • A coin
  • Water

First, pour the water into the cup and let it freeze. Once it’s frozen into ice, keep the coin on it.

When you return, if the coin is still on top, you are good to go. But, if the coin has sunk, it means that there has been a serious power cut. So, it’d wise not to consume the food.

Watch the video to get a better understanding.