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This Grieving Dog meets Kitten Sibling and falls in Love Immediately

When adding a new member to the family, it’s not always easy, and it also doesn’t always go our way. However, for rescue dog Martin, the day he met his new kitten sister, made his day.


When the new kitten arrived, Martin was the only pet in the household, but the thing is, he wasn’t used to begin alone. About a year ago, his Labrador best friend and sister, Alma, passed away. Martin’s mom, Emilia Ivan, had this to say in an interview: “He went through some depression because Alma wasn’t here anymore. He was really lonely and sad.”

Ivan heard that a tiny kitten was abandoned in a nearby field; she knew that she had to take the poor thing in, and give her a home and the loved it deserved. Although the woman was hesitant at first to introduce the tiny thing to Martin, she was proved wrong, as she said: “The first night [they met], it was love at first sight.” The first interaction between the two involved in immediate snuggling, and lots and lots of wet kisses, as Ivan said: “He took care of her.”


A little while after rescuing and welcoming home the first kitten, the woman and her boyfriend found another kitten abandoned in their yard. Finding the second kitten, Ivan had this to say: “We think she was left there by someone because they saw that we had another kitten. She was alone and scared.” Martin received the second kitten with the same warmth and love as he did the first kitten. Both kittens were welcomed into Martin’s family seamlessly, and he has become one of their main caregivers.


Ivan also says: “He pays a lot of attention to them and takes care of them. He behaves like he’s their mother and they’re his daughters.”

Martin’s human parents have also noticed that since the arrival of the kittens, his grief has somewhat been alleviated. Seeing the dog interacting with the kittens in a loving manner, in turn, has amplified their love for him tenfold in ways they never would have anticipated. Finally, the fur mom had this to say: “He almost seems grateful for them. I’ve always loved Martin, but now when I see him taking care of the kittens, how careful and playful he is with them. it’s magical.”


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